Cookie policy

Effective May 24, 2018

Cookies contain a unique identifier that any website can place in the browser of a visitor -- similar to a serial number.  Upon subsequent visits to the website that created the cookie, the cookie can be read, and the website can recognise the visitor.  This is how most websites, including MailNuggets, remember visitors and keep users logged in.

However, many websites include third-party scripts, such as sharing widgets, analytics tracking scripts, and embedded advertisements.  These third-party scripts can create cookies as well. And, because these scripts, may be installed on many websites across the internet, it can allow a type of tracking across different websites that may be undesirable.  MailNuggets wants to be clear that it does not allow any type of user third party user tracking other than Google Analytics.

MailNuggets use of cookies

MailNuggets makes a very limited use of cookies.  When a visitor goes to they will receive two cookies.  These are described below.

Google Analytics Cookie

This cookie is created by the Google Analytics website traffic analysis program.  It collects anonymized data from visitors to and provides these data for analysis through charts and lists, which help MailNuggets learn more about how visitors are interacting with  It does not provide any data that is linked to a visitors online or offline identity in any form.

MailNuggets Cookie, for visitors to

MailNuggets also creates a cookie for all visitors for the purpose of tracking visitor activity on the website.  This activity is used my MailNuggets to determine which pages are most viewed, and how visitors are finding information on the site.  These data help drive design decisions for MailNuggets.

MailNuggets Cookie, for users logged into

The same cookie that MailNuggets uses for visitors, it also uses to keep track of users logged into the website.  Because of this it’s required that all MailNuggets users have cookies enabled on their browser.

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