Privacy policy

Effective May 24, 2018

MailNuggets takes privacy very seriously.  And it’s your right to know how we treat your data.

MailNuggets collects different types of data from different people, as described below.

Information collected from visitors

When a visitor goes to, they receive a cookie from Google Analytics.  This is used to track their page clicks, and time spent on the site. These data are then analysed by MailNuggets to help drive design decisions and improve’s appearance and usability.  Visitor data from Google Analytics is anonymized and not linked to any visitor’s online or offline identity.

MailNuggets also uses a cookie served from to for basic log-level  traffic analysis.  These data also drive design decisions about the way looks and works.

Information collected from users who create an account

When a visitor signs-up for MailNuggets, by creating a demo or paid account, the following information is collected over an SSL (encrypted) connnection:
  • An email address
    • This is entered by the customer for purpose of creating a MailNuggets account.  It is never shared, or used except for the most critical communications, such as password recovery, billing reminders, or notifications set-up by the user within MailNuggets.
  • A unique username
    • This is created by the customer and stored by MailNuggets, and possibly, Stripe, the payment processor. It is used to identify the customer in lieu of collecting a first and last name.
  • Password
    • This is created by the customer.  The password is only written to the server as a one-way salted hash, and this hash is never shared with any third parties.  In no case is the password ever stored in plain text.  MailNuggets cannot decrypt user passwords.  It authenticates users by comparing a newly encrypted version of a submitted password with a stored encrypted password.

Visitors who create a paid account within MailNuggets must submit payment card information through the MailNuggets designated payment processor, which is Stripe.  When a customer pays through Stripe, MailNuggets receives an associated customer email address, payment card type, payment card expiration, and the payment card last four digits.  This is used only for billing-related communications with the customer.

The processing and storage of emails by MailNuggets

MailNuggets’ core business is the receipt, processing, and redirection of emails sent from any source to a designated email address.  To allow this, users must enter rules to direct the flow of these incoming emails. The final destination may be the user’s own email account, the user’s MailNuggets account, a remote script, or a remote storage service like Google Docs or Amazon Web Services.  MailNuggets users are provided the option to store emails for up to 30 days within the MailNuggets server. However, if this option is not selected, the received email is not stored by MailNuggets.

Removal and retrieval

Users may remove stored emails, and their rules for email processing, from the MailNuggets servers at anytime by logging into their account and deleting this information.  Users who are closing their account may request all related emails and associated user data is deleted by sending an email to  Users may also request a machine readable text file download of all emails, and associated user data stored on the MailNuggets servers by emailing

Third-parties, user data and legal disclosure

MailNugget’s does not share user data with any third parties, other than Google Analytics and Stripe payment processing, as described above.  However, MailNuggets may share user data for purposes of legal disclosure.

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